HSU's WSUSC Self-Study Report

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What is WSUSC

Humboldt State University is accredited by “WSUSC,” the WASC Senior College & University Commission (formerly known as simply WASC; or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Our accreditation status is vitally important – through the process of self-study and feedback, we ensure that our institutional objectives are clearly defined, measured, assessed and achieved.


Summer 2018

Commission Action

March 2018

Evaluation Team visit

October 2017

Off-site review by Evaluation Team; identification of “lines of inquiry”

July 2017

Self-Study Report Due

January 2016

Self-Study Orientation by WSUSC Staff Liaison Maureen Maloney

April 2014

Interim Report accepted by Commission

Fall 2013

Interim Report submitted

June 2010

Commission Action, reaffirming HSU accreditation and requesting Interim Report by November 1, 2013

Humboldt State University is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission, certifying the quality and effectiveness of Humboldt’s degree programs and educational activities.