What is WSCUC

Humboldt State University is accredited by “WSCUC,” the WASC Senior College & University Commission (formerly known as simply WASC; or the Western Association of Schools and Colleges). Our accreditation status is vitally important – through the process of self-study and feedback, we ensure that our institutional objectives are clearly defined, measured, assessed and achieved. In other words, the reaffirmation of our WASC accreditation confirms the success of our collective efforts to best serve our students.

Accreditation is a peer review process that helps us re-examine our strengths and weakness, re-affirm our mission and vision, and ensure our continual development and improvement. Without a positive accreditation status, we would lose all federal financial aid and many of our students.

Where is the WSCUC accreditation process right now?

Last spring, HSU’s WSCUC Steering and Self-Study Committee (SSSC) evaluated HSU’s performance relative to the previous WASC recommendations (2010 and 2014), identifying “high priority/low performance” critieria for review that highlight areas needing our immediate attention.  The committee, after aligning these criteria to HSU’s Strategic Plan Blueprint, made recommendations to the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee for sequencing the implementation of HSU’s Strategic Plan.  See those recommendations here.

Over the summer and during this semester, the SSSC members, with the help of individuals across campus, have begun organizing and drafting our WSCUC Self-Study Report. A rough draft has been produced and is now open to the campus community for feedback. View the rough draft document and leave your comments here.