2017 WSCUC Institutional Report

Dear University Community,

Humboldt State University submitted our institutional report for accreditation reaffirmation to the WSCUC Senior College and University Commission's review team on July 19, 2017.  I am grateful to the many people who contributed to researching and writing of this report, and the result is an important document that articulates our recent history, our current situation, and our future directions.  

Utilizing its quality standards, the WSCUC (previously known simply as WASC) review team will now assess HSU's degree programs, educational quality, student success, quality assurance and improvement, and institutional sustainability and fiscal stability. The review team will also assess how HSU has embraced and implemented previous recommendations. Following that process, the WSCUC review team will discuss the results of its assessment in October and visit HSU on 21-23 March 2018, when the University community will have an opportunity to provide additional information and address questions from the visiting team.  I encourage everyone to read the final report and be familiar with its contents, so that we can all be thoughtful and reflective participants in the campus visit next March.

You are welcome to provide comments regarding the institutional report to the HSU WSCUC Self-Study Committee using this feedback form.

​Sincerely yours,

Lisa A. Rossbacher, Ph.D.


WSCUC Institutional Report

 2017 WSCUC Institutional Report (pdf)

Report Appendics

Appendix A - List of Federal and State Recognized Tribes

Appendix B - Review under WSCUC Standads and Compliance with Federal Requirements Worksheet - HSU Summary

Appendix C - WASC Self-Study Communication Plan

Appendix D - Measuring a Culture of Evidence Rubrics

Appendix E - TPW President's Memo 4/9/13 - Reducing Bottlenecks and Improving Student Success

Appendix F - Service Learning - Academic Internship Courses AY 2015-16

Appendix G - Grant Submissions and Awards

Appendix H - Academic Program External Review

Appendix I - CHEM 109 Curriculum

Appendix J - Environmental Resources Engineering Written Communication Assessment

Appendix K - French Written Communication Assessment

Appendix L - Recreation Administration Information Literacy Assessment

Appendix M - Critical Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Oral Communication Assessment

Appendix N - Writing Across the Curriculum Proposal

Appendix O - Natural Resources M.S. Program Review

Appendix P - Student Demographics 2009-2016

Appendix Q - Enrollment Management Plan (2009-2016) Summary

Appendix R - Advising Implementation Update

Appendix S - International Studies Annual Reviews

Appendix T - Career SLO Assessment October 2016

Appendix U - Career Scaffolding Fall 2016

Appendix V - RFY Plan and Strategies

Appendix W - NCHA Exexutive Summary IE

Appendix X - Student Flow Diagram Example - Psychology

Appendix Y - Peer Program Review - Anthropology

Appendix Z - Academic Program ASsessment Self-Study

Appendix AA - GEAR Resolution for Program SLOs

Appendix AB - Revised Program Review Prompts AY 17-18

Appendix AC - Inventory of Educational Effectiveness Indicators

Appendix AD - Program Review Dashboard Screenshot

Appendix AE - SSSC Continuous Improvement Model

Appendix AF - Reported HSU State Buildings Maintenance - Renewal Costs

Appendix AG - Changes in Operating Fund Base Budget Allocations

Appendix AH - Integrated Assessment Planning and Budgeting Process Schematic

Appendix AI - Campus and Community Culture

Appendix AJ - Oral Communication Assessment Results (Responses)

Appendix AK - Information Literacy Results Tally (Responses)

Appendix AL - Results from First Cohort of the Klamath Connection

General Timeline