Self-Study Committee

Rock Braithwaite (Chair) – Kinesiology and Recreation Administration (CPS)
Mary Glenn, ALO (Accreditation Liaison Officer) – Interim Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)
Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond - Coordinator of ITEPP & Elite Scholars 
Joseph Dieme - Word Languages and Cultures (CAHSS)
Traci Ferdolage - Facilities Management (Administrative Affairs)
Izabella Gray - Events Coordinator (Administrative Affairs)
Brian Mistler - Health Center (Student Affairs)
Denice Helwig - Presidents Office (President’s Cabinet) 
Monty Mola – Physics/Chemistry (CNRS) 
Cyril Oberlander -  Dean (Library)
Rick Zechman - Associate Dean (CNRS)
Alicia Persson - Sociology Admin Support (CAHSS)
Noah Zerbe - Interim Dean (CAHSS)
Julie Koeppel - Publications Coordinator (Registrar's Office)
Dale Oliver – Mathematics (CNRS, ICC Chair)
Josh Smith - Process Improvement Manager (OIE)
Lisa Castellino - Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Academic Affairs)
Marisa D'Arpino - Change Management (OIE)
Sarah Fay Phillips – Librarian (Library) 
David Sleeth-Kepler – Business (CPS)
Joshua Frye - Communication (CAHSS)
Andrew Stubblefield - Forestry and Wildland Resources (Senate, Academic Policies)
Alex Gradine - Web Administrator (Academic Affairs)
Candace Young - Undergraduate Student
Glo Brown - Undergraduate Student